Any business that intends to provide cleaning services must first apply for approval from the Norwegian Labour Inspection Authority.

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All cleaning companies must apply for official authorisation from the Norwegian Labour Inspection Authority. ‘Cleaning companies’ means companies that perform cleaning services themselves, or companies that hire out personnel who perform the cleaning services.

What do I need to be an authorised cleaning company?

Employers must be able to document that their company has

1.    signed up with an authorised occupational health service in accordance with Section 3-3 of the Working Environment Act

Attachments required for the application:


2.    Safety representative and Working Environment Committee (WEC) cf. Working Environment Act sections 6 and 7

Attachments required for the application:

  • Copy of safety representative's contact information. Companies with fewer than 10 employees may agree on some alternative arragnement. This must be in writing and signed by all the employees.
  • Copy of the minutes of the last meeting of the Working Environment Committee. Companies with more than 50 employees must have a WEC.


3.    Written contracts of employment for all groups of employees in the company, cf. sections 14-5 and 14-6 of the Working Environment Act

Attachments required for the application:

  • Copy of completed and signed contracts of employment for each type of employment relationship used in the company (permanent, part-time, temporary, hired-out, etc.).


4.    Completed minimum wage requirements , cf. Regulations on general application of the collective agreement for cleaning companies


Attachments required for the application:

  • Copy of written calculation (e.g. copy of payslip) showing that the cleaner is paid in accordance with the General Application Regulations. The hourly rate must be shown on the documentation.


5.    An insurance scheme ensuring that the employees will be financially compensated if they become injured or ill as a result of work, cf. Act relating to industrial injury insurance

Attachments required for the application:

  • Copy of the page or pages of the insurance certificate which show that the employee(s) will be paid if they suffer occupational injury or illness.


Other documentation requirements

Are you applying for a sole proprietorship which does not employ cleaners, for which only you or your spouse perform the cleaning work?

If so, you must attach documentation showing your names, personal ID numbers and proof that you are married. Valid documentation includes a copy of your marriage certificate or the section of the Inland Revenue Certificate that shows the personal ID numbers of you and your spouse.

Are you applying for a general partnership (ANS)/general partnership with shared liability (DA)?

If so, all participants must submit their names and personal ID numbers.

In order to complete this form, you need the Altinn role reporter/sender .

If you don't have the necessary role, you need someone to give it to you.  See our help pages for guidance on roles and rights.

The requirement for all cleaning companies to be authorised is stipulated in the Regulations relating to the official authorisation of cleaning companies and to the procurement of cleaning services (in Norwegian only). You can find the regulations at:
FOR-2012-05-08-408 Forskrift om offentlig godkjenning av renholdsvirksomheter og om kjøp av renholdstjenester.

Do you have any questions? See

All cleaning companies must be authorised by the Norwegian Labour Inspection Authority in order to be permitted to operate legally in Norway. All cleaners working for the company will also have to carry HSE cards at work.

Apply for authorisation by completing and submitting this electronic form via Altinn. The application will be processed by the Norwegian Labour Inspection Authority, and you will receive written notification telling you when you will be able to order HSE cards.

The sections above show you what documentation you will need to have in order to be authorised. The application form will be easier to complete if you have the documents ready before you start.


If necessary the application can be resubmitted. Create a copy of the application, amend the errors, and resubmit. You can also contact the Helpline.

Do you need assistance?

The Labour Inspection Authority answers questions regarding how to fill out the form:


Telephone: +47 73 19 97 00

Phone hours: 08:00 – 15:00

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