Required information regarding the company on websites and business documents

Websites, business letters and other business documents (invoices, contracts, credit notes and so on) must always include the business name and organisation number. Envelopes and marketing materials are not considered business documents.

Information on registration in the VAT register

If the enterprise is registered in the VAT register, the letters MVA should be added behind the organisation number. This indicates that you have the right and obligation to charge VAT to your sales. Business documents related to the sale of goods and services are known as sales documents. There are more requirements for sales documents.

The Business Register Act on requirements for information in business documents (in Norwegian only)

The Central Coordinating Register for Legal Entities Act on document information (in Norwegian only)

Additional requirements for Limited companies (AS), Public limited companies (ASA), and Norwegian branch of foreign company (NUF)

On business documents belonging to Limited companies and Public limited companies, the type of incorporation and the headquarter address of the company must be apparent. If the company is under liquidation or winding up, this should also be specified.

Limited companies, Public limited companies and Norwegian branches of foreign companies (NUF) must include the word "Foretaksregisteret" in connection with the organisation number. Other legal structures registered in the Register of Business Enterprises may choose to include this, but is not required to do so. The purpose of the requirement is to show in which official register the company is registered. This makes it easier for customers and suppliers to choose serious business partners.

How to specify the organisation number

The organisation number must always be apparent on business documents. The number can be placed anywhere on the documents, and in the format you prefer, but the most common and easiest to read is to write the number in groups of three digits. We recommend that you include the Norwegian country code; NO, in front of the organisation number if you have correspondence with foreign countries.

There are no specific requirements regarding the placement or format of the word "Foretaksregisteret", but this is usually placed above or in front of the organisation number.

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