Responsibility marks and hallmarks

Anyone who produces and/or sells products made from gold, silver or platinum stamped with a fineness (e.g. 'S925' for silver) must stamp the product with a hallmark.

A sponsor's mark shows who is the producer or importer, and makes it possible to identify who made the product, e.g. a particular goldsmith. Applications for hallmarks must be submitted electronically to the Norwegian Industrial Property Office via Altinn. You must pay an application fee before your application can be processed; see the Norwegian Industrial Property Office's price list.

The stamping of a sponsor's mark in an EU/EEA country can mean that an importer or dealer does not need to apply for a Norwegian hallmark.

The Norwegian Industrial Property Office – Responsibility marks and hallmarks

The Precious Metals Act on responsibility marks (in Norwegian only)

Regulations on Precious Metals, etc. (in Norwegian only)

Regulations on the Registration of Responsibility Marks (in Norwegian only)

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