Appealing against use of your business name by other parties

If you claim that someone has registered a company name that might be mistaken for your business name or a domain name you own the rights to, you can file a complaint.

Appeals regarding business names

If you believe that someone has registered a business name which could be confused with your own unique business name or trademark, you can appeal to the Norwegian Industrial Property Office by requesting an administrative review.

The Norwegian Industrial Property Office - Appeals - Company Names

It costs NOK 4,000 to request an administrative review of a registered business name.

Appeals regarding domain names

If someone has registered a domain name for which you claim to own the right, for example your business name or Trademark, and you are of the opinion that the person who registered it ought to be aware that you own the right, you can file a complaint with the Alternative Dispute Resolution Committee.

Norid – How to complain to a domain name registration

It costs NOK 6,215 to have your appeal considered. The amount will be refunded if your appeal is upheld.

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