A-melding – all forms

In the a-melding, you provide information on employees' income, employment circumstances, payroll withholding tax and attachment of earnings, in addition to employer's National Insurance contributions. The information is sent to the Norwegian Labour and Welfare Administration (NAV), Statistics Norway (SSB) and the Norwegian Tax Administration.

A-melding – submission from payroll system (A02)

For enterprises with a payroll system

If you or your accountant has a system which is fully integrated, the a-melding is submitted from the system. This service is intended for enterprises with a payroll system or other system which is partially integrated with Altinn. 

A-melding – direct registration in Altinn (A01)

This service is for making changes in an a-melding you have previously submitted in Altinn (A01). You can not use this service for periods after 2023. 

If you want to submit an a-melding for a new period, and you dont use a payroll system, you must do so on skatteetaten.no.

You should not use this form if you have a payroll system, even to change information or correct errors.

Simplified a-melding for charitable or non-profit organisations (A05)

Charitable and benevolent organisations

This form is intended for charitable organisations which engage a private individual to carry out an assignment where the salary expense is not part of commercial activity.

Reconciliation information (A06)

Order report

The reconciliation report summarises the information you have submitted in one or more a-meldings. Order a report to check what information you have submitted.

For private individuales

Declaration of paid work at home where a private individual is the employer (A04)

For private individuals

This form is intended for those who pay salary to people who carry out work in their home or holiday property.

My income and employments

Here, you can find out what information your employer has sent us.

About A-melding – all forms

All enterprises which pay salary and have employees must submit a-melding.

This concerns for example:

  • Employers
  • Pension companies

NOTE: Foreign employers subject to a reporting obligation concerning contractual and employment circumstances (form RF-1199) should not submit information regarding employment. However, they must submit a-meldings for salary payments and other benefits, deductions and allowances, payroll withholding tax and employer's National Insurance contributions.

The reporting obligation is laid down in the a-opplysning Act.

If you are obliged to submit an a-melding but fail to submit one or submit one which contains errors, you may have to pay an enforcement fine.

Failure to submit complete a-meldings can also have consequences for your employees. Their tax returns may contain errors or they may receive erroneous payments from NAV. It is therefore very important that you submit accurate reports by the relevant deadlines.

Remember that you must specify employment circumstances in the a-melding even if you do not make any salary payments.

The Norwegian Labour and Welfare Administration (NAV), Statistics Norway (SSB) and the Norwegian Tax Administration are collaborating over the a-ordning scheme.

The a-ordning scheme is a coordinated method for employers and others to provide information concerning salary payments and employment circumstances to the government. The information is submitted in a monthly a-melding and is used on a daily basis by private and public sector organisations.

The Norwegian Tax Administration administers the scheme on behalf of the other public agencies.

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