This service is for making changes in an a-melding you have previously submitted in Altinn (A01). You can not use this service for periods after 2023. 

If you want to submit an a-melding for a new period, and you dont use a payroll system, you must do so on

You should not use this form if you have a payroll system, even to change information or correct errors.

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It is not possible to send a-melding directly in Altinn (A01) for new periods in 2024.

If you need to correct a-melding you previously have sent in A01 for a period in 2023, you should still use A01 for this.

New a-meldings that apply to periods from January 2024 (2024-01) and onwards should be sent directly on

About this form

If you need help to complete the form, see the guidance for A01.

See also the information pages about the a-melding.

You should use this form to provide information on employment circumstances, salary payments, benefits, payroll withholding tax and attachment of earnings for your employees, in addition to employer's National Insurance contributions.

The form has the following limitations:

  • only one employment relationship per employee per enterprise
  • only one form per enterprise
  • cannot be used by government agencies

If you submit an a-melding for a month and a sub-entity/enterprise that you have previously submitted an a-melding for, the previous a-melding for the same month and sub-entity/enterprise will be COMPLETELY REPLACED.
Please note that an a-melding from this form will not replace an a-melding submitted from a payroll system.


  • If you use a payroll system, you should not use this service, not even for corrections.
  • You must submit one form per enterprise/declarant´s sub-entity if you have several enterprises

We recommend that all enterprises submit a-meldings from a system (A02).

This form is intended for those who do not have a payroll system and have to submit a-meldings for one to eight employees.

To complete and submit this form, you will need one of these Altinn roles: 

  • Reporter/sender
  • Accountant with signing rights
  • Accountant without signing rights
  • Accountant salary
  • Responsible auditor
  • Accountant employee
  • Contact Person for Norwegian registered foreign company (NUF)

This section contains more information and a list of all Altinn roles.

Check which roles are delegated to the actors you represent under Profile. If you do not have the role Reporter/Sender, it needs to be delegated to you.

If you are unfamiliar with using the Altinn portal, please go to the help pages.

Monthly. Deadline the 5th of each month. If the 5th is a Saturday, Sunday or holiday, the deadline is the next working day.

Remember to report the status of employment relationships every month. You must report this status even if you do not pay any salary.

Remember to check the feedback.

Every time you submit an a-melding, we carry out automatic checks on it. The feedback you receive states what you have reported and any errors which you must correct. The feedback will also contain information on payments of employer's National Insurance contributions and payroll withholding tax, account number and KID number.

You will find the feedback (A03) in "Inbox" in Altinn.

If you are obliged to submit the a-melding but fail to submit one or submit one which contains errors, you may have to pay an enforcement fine.

The presence of errors or omissions in information which you submit in the a-melding can have consequences for your employees. It can lead to errors in the tax return or erroneous payments from NAV. It is therefore important that you submit accurate information by the deadline for the month.

Remember to state the status of employment relationships every month, even if you do not pay any salary.

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