This service is used for obtaining employees' tax deduction cards via a payroll system.

If the service ceases to be available outside normal working hours on weekdays or at weekends, it will not be rectified until the following working day.

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About this form

  • Employers wishing to obtain tax deduction cards for their employees.
  • Accountants, payroll agencies, etc. wishing to obtain tax deduction cards on behalf of their clients.
  • You must represent a legal entity (enterprise/business) in order to use this form.

Available for all businesses.

The following Altinn roles provide access to use the form:



Accountant salary

Accountant with signing rights

Accountant without signing rights

Auditor in charge

Assistant auditor

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To see what roles you have for a party, go to the Access management pages. If you do not have one of these roles, you must have one delegated to you by the CEO, board chairman or owner.

The attachment must be an xml file and be structured in accordance with the Tax Administration's specifications. Information about the structure and example can be found at the end user system portal at Altinn. Lon on is required.

Other formats, such as Word, Excel, PDF or similar, will not work. Tax cards for employees of several companies can be obtained in a single file

The form Tax deduction cards to employer ( RF-1211) is used when you want to obtain tax deduction cards via/for a payroll system. The service requires you to have national ID numbers/ D-numbers for all employees. The service is used to obtain tax deduction card details at the start of the year and for new appointments throughout the year. If the tax deduction card of any of your salary recipients changes, you will be notified on e-mail/sms and in your 'message box'. You will then be able to order amended tax deduction cards without sending a new file.

The form consists of one main page and an attachment page.

Main page

Here you need to specify who you represent, the address for notification by SMS or email and whether you want to obtain new or amended tax deduction cards.

Overview – form and attachment

Here you can upload a file attachment from the payroll system. The file attachment must adhere to the Tax Administration's formats.  You must determine whether your payroll system supports this Altinn service.

Feedback to "Inbox"

You will receive a file with tax deduction card information for all valid national ID numbers in the submitted file.

If you ordered amended tax deduction cards, you will receive a file containing all the tax deduction cards that has been changed since you last obtained them. The feedback will arrive within half an hour after you submit the order.

If you do not have a payroll system, see Tax deduction cards to employer RF-1307.

Do you need asstistance?

The Tax Administration's professional service team will answer questions concerning filling out forms.
Telephone: 800 80 000


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