This service is used for obtaining employees' tax deduction cards without going via a payroll system.

If the service ceases to be available outside normal working hours on weekdays or at weekends, it will not be rectified until the following working day.

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About this form

The form is used by:

  • Employers wishing to obtain tax deduction cards for their employees.
  • Accountants, payroll agencies, etc. wishing to obtain tax deduction cards on behalf of their clients.
  • Private employers wishing to obtain tax deduction cards.

You can either represent a legal entity (enterprise/business) or a private individual in order to use this form.

Available for all businesses.

If you are a personal employer, you can log in to Altinn as yourself. You will then not need any roles.

If you want to obtain a tax card on behalf of an employer, you should log in as yourself and select the employer you are representing from the drop-down list.  You will need one of the  following Altinn roles in order to use the form and read the reply in Inbox:

To see what roles you have for a party, go to the Access management pages.

If you do not have one of these roles or you cannot find the employer in the drop-down list, you must have one of the roles delegated to you by the CEO, board chairman or owner.  


The form Tax deduction cards to employer( RF-1307) must be completed and submitted to obtain tax deduction cards without using a payroll system. Organisations can obtain tax deduction cards for up to ten employees at a time. Private employers can obtain tax deduction cards for up to four employees.

Please provide your e-mail address and/or phone number before you submit the form. That way we can notify you if the tax card changes.

The form offers two choices: obtain new tax deduction cards or obtain only amended tax deduction cards.

Obtain new tax deduction cards
At the start of the year, you must obtain new tax deduction cards for all employees. You need the employees' national ID numbers to obtain new tax deduction cards.

Amended tax deduction cards
If any of those for whom you have obtained a tax deduction card amend their card during the year, you will be notified by e-mail or sms and in Your 'inbox'. In that case, you can choose to obtain only amended tax deduction cards.

Feedback in "Inbox"
The tax deduction card information will be available in "inbox" shortly after you have submitted the order. You will receive a table with tax deduction card information for all valid national ID numbers from the submitted form. As a rule, this happens immediately, but in some cases may take up to half an hour.

Do you need asstistance?

The Tax Administration's professional service team will answer questions concerning filling out forms.
Telephone: 800 80 000


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