The contact form is used by persons and businesses who wish to contact the Norwegian Tax Administration about tax payments and refunds in writing

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About this form

Use the form when submitting written enquiries.

When you're submitting enquiries on your own behalf, there are no limitations

If you submit on behalf of someone else, you'll need one of the following roles in Altinn:

If you do not have these roles, you must ask someone who does to delegate them to you. See our help pages for information about roles and rights.

See a list of all Altinn roles, and who has the roles automatically delegated to them.

This form allows you to send an enquiry to the Tax Administration in a fast and secure way. If needed, you may also attach documentation and information necessary for the Tax Administration when processing your enquiry.

You should use the contact form if you wish to contact the Norwegian Tax Administration in writing. You can attach files.

You will receive an answer via Altinn. You will be notified by text message and/or e-mail when it is sent.

If you are not an online user, you may in some cases receive the reply by letter in the post.

The Tax Administration's professional service team will answer questions concerning filling out forms.
Telephone: 800 80 000

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