All sales professionals are obliged to submit financial and technical reporting to the Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate.
This is the reporting tool to be used.

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The report shall be delivered by sales consultants who have been granted a sales license for the sale of electric power.

Deadline for submission is the same as submitting to the Register, that is, no later than one month after the annual accounts are adopted (Accounting Act § 8-2).
The annual accounts shall be established no later than six months after the financial year end (Accounting Act § 3-1).

Proprietor of a sales license for electrical power that has a reporting obligation.

To log on to eRapp2 via Altinn, you need a specific setup depending on what to do in the solution.

Please see the guide.

All sales licensees shall report its activities related to activities relating to power sales, power generation, power transmission, telecommunications and other activities.
The accounts shall be prepared in accordance with GAAP.

For the reporting year through 2012, please use «eRapp1».

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