Sick-pay for freelancers

As a freelancer, your sick-pay rights are inferior to those of employees, but you can insure yourself in order to obtain better cover.

Receiving sick-pay as a freelancer

As a freelancer, you can receive 100 percent of the basis for the sick-pay from and including the 17th day of illness. (By comparison, employees receive 100 percent sick-pay cover from the first day of illness). The first 16 days are counted from the day on which you see a doctor or the day on which NAV receives notification of the incapacity.

Sickness benefits for self-employed and freelancers (in Norwegian only)

The National Insurance Act on sickness benefits for freelancers (in Norwegian only)

Calculating the sick-pay basis for freelancers

When NAV pays sick-pay, a basis for the sick-pay must be determined. This is normally calculated based on the average freelance income reported through the a-melding during the three months preceding the sickness.

NAV – the National Insurance basic amount (G) (in Norwegian only)

If you have income as both a freelancer and an employee, the sick-pay will be paid according to the rules for employees. 

Voluntary sick-pay insurance for freelancers

It is possible to take out voluntary sick-pay insurance through NAV in order to obtain 100 percent sick-pay cover from the first sick day.

The premium for the sick-pay insurance is 3.3 percent of your expected annual income.

There is also an upper limit for the sick-pay basis of six times the National Insurance basic amount (G) for the voluntary sick-pay insurance. This means you will not be covered by the insurance for income in excess of 6G.

The premium for voluntary sick-pay insurance can be deducted in the tax return.

NAV on sick-pay insurance for freelancers (in Norwegian only)

Applying for sick-pay

Contact NAV for information on how to apply for sick-pay and how it is paid.

NAV - how to apply for sick-pay (in Norwegian only)

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