Certification of incorporation

A certificate of registration is documentation showing an enterprise´s organisation number, company name, business address, board members (if applicable), general manager, signature rights and other relevant information. All enterprises registered in the Register of Business Enterprises will receive a certificate of registration in their "Inbox" in Altinn.

If you later decide you want an updated version of your certificate of registration, you can download one free.

If the enterprise is not registered in the Register of Business Enterprises, you will not be able to order a certificate of incorporation, but you will be able to download a register extract with information from the Register of Legal Entities.

Ordering a certificate of incorporation for other enterprises

If you want to see the certificate of incorporation of your own enterprise or another enterprise, you can order it free of charge via the Brønnøysund Register Centre's online store. 

The Brønnøysund Register Centre on ordering of transcripts, certificates and copies (in Norwegian only)

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