An official ecolabel can be one of the simplest and most credible methods for communicating that a product or service is environmentally friendly.

Various labelling schemes

There are various industry-specific labelling schemes, suppliers' labelling schemes and third party certified labelling schemes. The various labelling schemes use different criteria which must be met in order to be allowed to use their label. The period of validity of the various ecolabels also varies.

You can see some examples of labelling schemes below:

The Nordic Swan and the EU Flower.

The Nordic Swan mark is the official Nordic ecolabel. The ecolabel imposes requirements concerning the entire lifecycle of a product. Different environmental requirements apply within different product groups. For example, different requirements apply for the right to use the Nordic Swan label on skincare products and paper products.

The scheme is run by the Stiftelsen Miljømerking foundation. If you are considering applying for the right to use the Nordic Swan label on your product, it may be a good idea to contact the foundation at an early stage. All communication will be treated confidentially, so you will not risk any negative publicity if it becomes apparent that your product does not meet the applicable requirements.

Svanemerket (The Swan) (in Norwegian only)

If you intend to market your products or services on the European market, it might be a good idea to consider the EU's official Flower ecolabel.

Blomsten - EU Ecolabel (in Norwegian only)

The Eco-lighthouse

The Eco-lighthouse is used by businesses who want to document their environmental awareness and demonstrate corporate social responsibility. To obtain certification as an Eco-lighthouse, you must undergo a certification process lasting between three and six months. The enterprise must establish an internal environmental group and undergo an internal environmental analysis. Different criteria apply to the different industries. Enterprises must be re-certified every three years. The scheme is run by the Eco-lighthouse Foundation.

Miljøfyrtårn (miljøsertifisering) (in Norwegian only)


Debio (in Norwegian only)

EU about Organic farming

Business in Norway about Made in Norway

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