Domain name

Customers expect to be able to find you and your business online. For most new businesses this means obtaining a domain name for a website and e-mail, regardless of your business idea. Additionally, you should set up an account in various social media channels.

Choice of domain name

The domain name can be the enterprise name, the marketing name, your own name or another name or expression. Your domain name should reflect what you want to be associated with and remembered as. You are generally free to choose whatever domain name you like, but you must make sure that the name does not infringe anyone else's rights to trademarks, enterprise names or other name rights.

Find an available domain name

Using the navnesø service, you can find out whether the name you want to use is available as a domain name, enterprise name and trademark in a single search.


Domain name first, enterprise afterwards

Once you have decided on a business name it is important to "play it close to the chest" until you have registered the domain name you want to prevent others from taking it. If you do not have an organisation number, you can register the domain name as a private individual and transfer it to your business once you have registered it.

Same name across different channels

When you have ordered the domain name of your choice, it is a good idea to register the same name as account- or profile name in social media. This will provide you with a cohesive digital identity across different platforms and channels, and it will be easier for customers and others to remember the name and to find you.

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Choosing and ordering a domain name

You will find information on how to choose a domain name, how to go about ordering a domain name and what a domain name is used for here:


Appealing against an existing registered domain name

If someone has registered a domain name, to which you believe you hold the rights, and you believe that the person concerned is aware of this, you can appeal to the Alternative Dispute Resolution Committee (ADR). Norid is the secretariat for the Committee and can help you with the complaint.

Norid – How to complain to a domain name registration

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