Delegation of estate roles individually is done under the menu Profile > Estate delegation > Estate delegation individually. Make sure that you represent the trustee in order to find the option Estate delegation in the profile.

On the top of the screen, you can choose View roles assigned to user and Bankruptcy estate. The information that you choose here will determine the result list.

In the list View roles assigned to user you can choose the name of the trustee.

In the drop-down list Bankruptcy estate you can choose which bankruptcy estate you wish to see roles on behalf of.

When delegating estate roles to a fellow worker or creditor, you choose the trustee in the list View roles assigned to user. Further on, you choose the organization number of the estate in the field Bankruptcy estate and click on Update. You will then find a list of roles which the trustee has on behalf of the bankruptcy estate.

In the list, check the roles you want to delegate. Finish bly clicking Delegate.

The trustee automatically receives all roles which are assigned for the managing committee in a winding up, as a result of being registered as the trustee.

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