Step 1: Installing an enterprise certificate on your computer

The provider of the enterprise certificate (Commfides or Buypass) can be helpful in describing how to do this. Logging in with the enterprise certificate can only be done using computers that has had the certificate installed.

Step 2: Creating an enterprise user in Altinn

This can be done either when logging in or under Profile.

Choose Log in → Proceed to alternative log-in methods Log in with enterprise certificate → Select enterprise certificate → Create new user

Persons with the role Access manager for the enterprise can register and manage users with enterprise certificates using Profile Advanced settings. In order to register a new user you need to upload a certificate. Make sure it’s a *.cer file. If you haven’t received it from your certificate provider, make it yourself by exporting the certificate from your browser (as long as the certificate has been installed on your PC).

  • In Google Chrome this can be achieved in Settings Privacy and security → Security Manage certificates.
  • In Edge this can be achieved in Settings Privacy, search and services Security Advanced - Manage certificates.

Choose the desired certificate and Export. Follow the standard choices in the guide until you arrive at a file name. Save the file somewhere familiar so you can locate it again.

Step 3: Delegating roles to the enterprise user

Once the enterprise user is created, the general manager or chairman or someone else with delegating rights, give roles and rights to the enterprise user(s).

The roles are given to the user name under Profile → Others with rights to the organization.

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