What are notification addresses for the enterprise?

The notification addresses are e-mail addresses and / or mobile phone numbers.
Notification addresses are used by the public authorities to notify the enterprise of important messages delivered through Altinn. This means that when the enterprise has provided one or more notification address, the enterprise does not have to receive the messages by paper mail.

All entities in the Register of Legal Entities are obliged to report at least one notification address. The duty does not include subunits, but own notification addresses can be reported for those if the business needs it.

Notification addresses are only available to public authorities. Companies still have the opportunity to voluntarily register their e-mail address and mobile phone number, which should be publicly available in the Register of Legal Entities. These will not be used as notification addresses.

How do I report a notification address?
All enterprises that are to be registered in the Register of Legal Entities must register the notification address simultaneously. This does not apply to registration of subunits.
For existing businesses, the notification address must be reported or changed by accessing the company's profile in Altinn. This requires that you have the right to represent the enterprise in Altinn.

What is the purpose of notification addresses?
The purpose of notification addresses is to ensure that all businesses are able to communicate digitally with the public authorities. In order for enterprises to be able to receive individual decisions and other important messages digitally, the public is obliged to notify that such messages have been sent. For this, the public must have access to alert addresses. They shall be used for notification pursuant to Section 8, third paragraph, of eForvaltningsforskriften (the eGovernment regulation), in connection with the processing and execution of administrative tasks in general.

A government agency that has sent notice to a registered alert address has fulfilled its duty of warning pursuant to Section 8, third paragraph, of eForvaltningsforskriften.

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