Use this form to order certain certificates and printouts from the Tax Administration.

If you are going to order a certificate for tax assements value of property on behalf to the owner, you must have a power of atterney from them.

The certificate for  tax assements value  of property shows the taxable value for the 2022 income year.

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About this form

The form should be submitted when the sender wishes a certificate to be issued.

The form should be used if you wish to order one of the certificate types referred to above.

Both private individuals and companies may order certificates.

To sign in, use security level 3 – Login with MinID (via ID-porten) or enterprise certificate

In order to fill in the form, you will need the Altinn role "Limited signing rights for an individual" when ordering certificates for yourself or a sole trader.

When you order certificate for company, you need the Altinn role of Accounting employee Assistant auditor or Accountant without signing rights.

To sign the form, you need the Altinn role Auditor in charge  Limited signing rights Auditor rights or Accountant with signing right.

When ordering certificates for a company, you will need the Altinn Role "Accounting employee". You must have the role "Limited signing rights" or "Auditor's rights" in order to sign.

The following types of certificate can be ordered using the form:

- Certificate of tax and value added tax

- Confirmation of tax value of property (not available in English).

When ordering, you must select the language you want the ordered document to be in, and for confirmation of tax value of property also the owner of and property concerned.

Documents ordered using this form will be produced automatically and sent electronically in PDF format to the recipient`s inbox in Altinn.  The same applies if the recipient has opted out of online communication.

The recipient will normally be the person that the certificate concerns (person or company). In the case of some certificates, the recipient may be someone other than the person that the certificate concerns, e.g. when a broker orders a confirmation of tax value of property on behalf of the property owner.

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