Use this form to apply for patent protection for an invention. If this is the first time you have applied for a patent, we recommend that you follow this link to find more information and to find the application form. To obtain a patent, the invention must represent a new, technical solution to a problem. You must keep the invention secret before you file your application.

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If the applicant has chosen to use a representative, the NIPO will communicate only with the representative in any correspondence regarding the application.

You can apply as an individual or on behalf of an organisation. If you represent an organisation, you must have the Altinn role Patent, varemerke og design.

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A patent can only be granted for an invention. Processes, products, devices and methods can be patented. A patent gives you sole right to utilise the invention commercially for a limited period. The solution must have technical character, have technical effect and be reproducible. See for more information.
Payment and receipt
If you pay now, you will find your receipt on the receipt page (which will appear as soon as you have paid), or in your Altinn message box. You may send a copy of the receipt by e-mail or save it to your device. NIPO will not send a receipt. You will receive a reference number in Altinn (ARxxxxx) which you can use for any enquiries.

Your application will become public
A patent application is published and thereby publicly available on our website 18 months after the day the application was filed at NIPO. We generally shield sensitive and confidential information. You can ask us to exempt business secrets from public disclosure. It is therefore important that you clearly indicate what information in the application or attachments you wish us to exempt. We will then assess whether the information can be exempted from public disclosure.

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