This form is used when applying for a refund and / or VAT from the Norwegian Customs. Please read the section "When should I use the form?" further down for more information on when to use the form.


Please note that you should NOT use this form for double VAT payment if you have shopped from an online store registered in the VOEC system, for example from eBay or Amazon. In this case it is the online store you should contact for a refund. Read more about this here. (lenke; Apply for a refund of VAT and customs duties - Norwegian Customs (


You should also NOT use the form if your shipment has been customs cleared on a collective clearance. In that case you must contact the transport company / freight forwarder who has cleared your consignment. Read more about this here. (lenke: Refund of customs duty and VAT - Norwegian Customs (

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About this form

When you are eligible to apply for a refund, you will find the most common reasons here:

∙You have paid taxes on an item you think should have been tax-free, e.g. on a gift consignment with a value of less than NOK 1,000.

  • You have returned an item to the seller and received a free replacement item for which you have paid import duties. In this case you can apply the customs for a refund of the customs fees (tollavgifter), while you must apply the Tax Administration for a refund of the VAT.
  • You have returned an item and received the purchase price back from the seller. You can then apply to us for a refund of the customs fees, while you must apply to the Tax Administration for a refund of the VAT.
  • You have sent an item abroad to be repaired, but had to pay taxes on the item's full value when it was returned to you.
  • The freight forwarder has used the wrong price. This can be a typo in the invoice from the seller (wrong currency) or a wrong invoice.
  • The freight forwarder has cleared the consignment several times.

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