This form is used by AIFMs granted authorization by Finanstilsynet to manage AIFs and Norwegian registered AIFMs (sub-threshold AIFMs).

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The reporting frequency for AIFs is mainly the same as for the AIFM, but the AIFM may need to report on the AIFs under its management at a different frequency depending on, inter alia, the volume of assets under management, cf. Regulation (EU) no. 231/2013 Article 110.

The deadline for filing is either

·         - Yearly (January 31)

·         - Half-yearly (January 31 and July 31)

·         - Quarterly (January 31, April 30, July 31 and October 31)

If the AIF is a fund of funds the filing deadline is extended by 15 days.


The form should be used by:

- Norwegian AIFMs granted authorization by Finanstilsynet to manage AIFs

- Norwegian registered AIFMs

In order to complete this form, you need to have the Altinn role Reporter/sender.

You can find your roles for an entity on the Profile page. If you do not have the roles in question, you must ask a person who have the role to delegate it to you.

If you do not have a Norwegian national identity number (Fødselsnummer or D-nummer), you can log in with a username and password which is registered by yourself:


Confer The Financial Supervision Act and the Act on the Management of Alternative Investment Funds.§4

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