Limousine service operator licences

A limousine service operator license grants the holder the right to operate passenger transport services using a motor vehicle registered for a maximum of eight seats, in addition to the driver's seat. It is a requirement that the motor vehicle concerned is an exclusive vehicle. Applications for limousine service operator licenses must be sent to the county council.

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All persons/enterprises that plan to apply for a limousine service operator license.

Please contact the county council for information about the documentation that must be enclosed.

The enterprise must be operated from the location stipulated in the license. The license holder may only carry out assignments that require the transport service to start, pass through or end in his/her license district.

Limousine service operator licenses are needs-tested, i.e. a specific number of licenses are determined in each license district.

It is required that the applicant:

  • operates a fixed and permanent business in Norway,
  • is of good character,
  • has adequate professional qualifications,
  • has satisfactory finances.

When applying for a license, the applicant must submit a guarantee declaration from a bank or insurance company with a NOK value equivalent to EUR 9,000. For licenses exceeding this, a NOK value equivalent to EUR 5,000 for each license will apply.

If the applicant is a company or other legal entity, the person who is the responsible manager at any time must comply with the requirements for good conduct and professional qualifications. The company must comply with the requirement for finances. If the applicant is a newly established company, the responsible manager must also comply with the requirement for satisfactory finances.

Section 12 of the Professional Transport Regulations lists the applicable fees for processing license applicatio

Section 12 of the Regulations relating to Professional Transport by Motor Vehicle and Vessel (Professional Transport Regulations) (in Norwegian only)



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