About this form

The service is reserved for companies applying for central approval, or when a company applies to make changes in its central approval.

Processing time is approximately 4 weeks.

The service is reserved for companies in the construction industry.

In order to complete this form, you need to have the Altinn role Reporter/sender .

You can find your roles for an entity on the Profil  page. If you do not have the roles in question, you must ask a person who have these roles to delegate them to you.

Security level 3 or above is necessary to access the service.

  • Diploma, certificate or other evidence of educational qualifications
  • Reference projects describing the experience, expertise and implementation ability of your company
  • Quality assurance procedures appropriate to the activities for which your company is seeking approval
  • An organisational plan showing the distribution of responsibilities and authority in the company

Optional supplementary information documenting that the company is approved as a training company and/or has occupational injury insurance and/or liability insurance.

Byggesaksforskriften (SAK10) kapittel 9, 10 ,11 og 13.

Do you need assistance?

The Norwegian Building Authority will answer questions regarding the form..

E-mail: post@dibk.no
Telephone: +47 22 47 56 00

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