Do you need support for the start-up

Local helpers may be able to offer you tips and advice when you are starting your own business. You can receive counselling, participate in courses, or be put in contact with a local network of entrepreneurs.

Who can help you?

The local business development service in your municipality is one of these helpers. Some municipalities have a business development department, other municipalities have outsourced this service to an external provider where you can find available counsellors and advisors.

There may be differences in what the various municipalities can offer, but a common feature is that these people are familiar with the local area and the general requirements of setting up and running a business. You should clarify, as soon as possible, what kind of assistance you can receive from the business development service in your municipality. Innovation Norway has developed an overview of local entrepreneur support, business incubators, business clusters and other helpers.

Innovation Norway - Overview of local entrepreneur support (In Norwegian only)

Another good helper is Innovation Norway´s Growth and entrepreneur centre, where you can talk to a counsellor about your needs and how they may be able to help you move forward.

Innovation Norway - What can we do to help you (In Norwegian only)

What kind of support can you receive?

The local business development services may help you in various ways. These are some of the possible support mechanisms:

  • A dialogue partner in the planning and starting phase.
  • Information about starting and running your own business.
  • A place to meet other entrepreneurs.
  • Available courses and seminars.
  • Connection with relevant networks.

Innovation Norway can help you in the early phase of the establishment with:

  • Advice in the tools and services that may contribute to your startup being a success.
  • Advice before starting up a business.
  • Considering the possibility of funding.
  • Offering courses and skill building relevant to starting your business.
  • Connection with relevant networks.

Innovation Norway - Services related to startups (In Norwegian only)

Free course for new entrepreneurs

Innovation Norway - From idea to market

Engaging with the market is an important way of obtaining feedback on your idea. Innovation Norway hosts short courses, free of charge, on how you can proceed to test and develop your idea.

Innovation Norway´s course calendar - From idea to market

The Tax Administration - courses for new businesses

The Norwegian Tax Administration arranges courses for entrepreneurs who have just started a business. These courses are free of charge, and you can attend either digital webinars or physical courses in Oslo.

You can choose between courses tailored for sole proprietorships or limited liability companies. The courses are also available in English.

The Norwegian Tax Administration - courses for new businesses

The Norwegian Tax Administration has also created instructional videos covering many of the topics from the course. These can be useful when, for example, you need to pay taxes, register for VAT, or submit your tax return.

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