1) Stop - Think - Check

Ask yourself what the sender wants you to do. Is the message expected? Fraud attempts are most often connected to a link or attachment you are asked to open.

2) Don’t trust the senders’ address

You may be able to see that the sender address is from someone other than Altinn. Click on the field from, then you should be able to see the sender's real email address. Messages from Altinn can be "noreply@altinn.no/no-reply@altinn.no". For text-messages you may not be able to see who the real sender is, as they can change a phone number into letters, and this way seem to be Altinn.

3) Links and attachments

Never click on a link or attachment in a email or text message from us. Instead, open your browser and log in to altinn.no to check your inbox.

4) Sensitive information

Never give sensitive information, such as account numbers or security codes, if they are requested from an email or text message. If you suspect that you have given sensitive information to an unserious party, contact your bank as soon as possible.

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