Simplified VAT scheme for non-established vendors supplying remotely deliverable electronic services and/or low value goods to consumers in Norway

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From 18 December 2023, you can no longer submit a quarterly report for VOEC here. Reporting will be available again from 2 January 2024 - in a new solution on the Tax Administration's website.

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You must submit the VAT return quarterly, no later than 20 days after the end of the period.

The VAT return should be submitted by companies registered in the simplified VAT scheme. Vendors that are registered in the regular Norwegian VAT Register, must report all sales on the standard tax return for VAT.

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Non-established vendors supplying remotely deliverable services and/or low value goods to consumers in Norway (B2C) are subject to Norwegian VAT.  VAT returns should be submitted quarterly, even for periods with no sales (Nil Declarations).

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