This form is designed for general and secure information submission to Finanstilsynet (ad-hoc reporting). The data are submitted in annexes, and one or more annexes must be appended to this form.

This form can be used by both individuals and entities.



- There is a limit of 190 annexes per submission

- The maximum size of each annex is 190 megabyte

- Please note that zip inside zip is not submittable

- All multimedia files must be zipped


File formats:

- Information can be submitted in all ODF compatible open formats: MS Office, Open office etc

- Please use an open file format when submitting files like MS Word, Excel, Powerpoint

- Accepted file types are: pdf, xls, xlsx, doc, docx, rtf, jpg, jpeg, txt, pptx, ppt, zip

For additional information, see Finanstilsynet's website.

This form is available for users without a Norwegian national identity number/D-number. The form is available for security level 0. See additional information below under Who should use this form.


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About this form

This form should be used for secure information submission to Finanstilsynet.

The form is open and can be used by anyone (individuals or entities) needing to submit information to Finanstilsynet. 

If you do not have a Norwegian national identity number or D-number, you can log in with a user name and password which you can register yourself (sequrity level 0).

To use this log-in method you first need to create a new user.

You can do this by clicking Log in → Proceed to alternative log-in methods → Log in without national identity number/D-number and then choosing Create a new user.

At least one annex is required.

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