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Here, you can find out what information your employer has sent us.

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You find a new and improved version of this form on You can no longer use this form to retrieve information on their income and employments.

About this form

Anyone may use this service to retrieve information on their income and employments.

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To give other access you can delegate the Altinn-role Limited rights for an individual or delegate individual rights.

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  • Summarised information for the year
  • Summarised information with monthly specification

You will receive the report in Inbox – For processing by me.

About the contents

The information on income and employments is used for:

  • calculation of taxes, the tax return and the tax assessment
  • the NAV State Register of Employers and Employees (EE-register)
  • assessment and calculation of benefits from NAV
  • compilation of statistics from Statistics Norway

In case of errors or missing information in the report, contact the submitter of the information.

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Phone us on 800 80 000 , press 2-3-1. You can also use the Contact form.
Callers from abroad, please call +47 22 07 70 00.

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