Payroll system

If you have several salary payouts in a month you can submit an a-melding for each payout. The important thing is to submit all the relevant information before the deadline.

Ensure that your payroll system is adapted to a-ordningen. Your payroll system supplier can inform you how to submit the a-melding through the payroll system.

Guidance and help.


Each time you submit the a-melding you will receive a feedback form in "My message box" in Altinn or directly in your payroll system. The feedback contains payment information and information about potential discrepancies that must be reviewed and/or corrected.

Questions about the content or correction information must be directed to your payroll system supplier.


If there are discrepancies in the a-melding you may have to make corrections or re-submit the a-melding. Discrepancies must be checked and/or corrected:

- The a-melding is rejected. You must correct the discrepancies and submit a new a-melding
- The a-melding contains discrepancies which must be corrected before the deadline
- The a-melding contains potential discrepancies. You must check the information and make corrections if necessary


How to make corrections from a payroll system


The feedback contains the KID- and account number for payment of employer's national insurance contributions and advance tax deductions. The payment deadline is every other month. You must summarise the amounts for the two months in the term. The KID-number is the same for both months.
Employera are still obliged to have an account for deduction of tax.


You can order a report in Altinn, which summarises the information of a-meldings received in a chosen period. The report provides an overview of employer's national insurance contributions, advance tax deductions and income information per enterprise.

More information about the reports

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