The a-melding can only be submitted on paper if you meet certain requirements.

Private employers with two or fewer employees can submit the a-melding on paper, but we recommend that you use direct registration in Altinn.

When you fill in the paper version of the form, you must use the salary descriptions that we have prescribed. You cannot provide information in free text format. The salary descriptions you can use are stated on both the paper form and the guidance for the form. Not all salary descriptions which can be reported via payroll systems or directly in Altinn are included in the paper form, as this form was primarily developed for small employers with simple circumstances. You will for example not be able to use the form to report net salary, and the same applies to many pension benefits. The paper form is also not suitable for reporting by public sector employers.


Here is the form for paper submission:



Guide to the a-melding, paper submission:

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If you need to correct an a-melding, you must submit a new, corrected a-melding.

For employments on Svalbard, Jan Mayen, pension and business income, the continental shelf and for seafarers you must also submit an attachment to the a-melding.






If you are submitting the form on paper, please retain one copy yourself and submit one copy to:

Postboks 4329
2308 Hamar

The submission deadline is the 5th of every month following payments. Should this date fall on a bank holiday or weekend, the deadline is moved to the next working day. See deadlines submissions/payments.

Advanced tax deduction and employer's national insurance contribution payments must contain the account number to your tax collector and a KID number. Go to Skatteetaten's webpages to find the account number to the tax collector and create your own KID number.

The payment deadline is the 15th of every other month.

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