New access service

All employees, pensioners and anyone else who receives a salary can now log in to Altinn and view information that has been submitted about them.

The Tax Administration, NAV and Statistics Norway are now making it easier for you to keep track of your income and employment.

Be the first to get your tax return

Thanks to the new "My income and employment" service in Altinn, you no longer have to wait for your tax return to discover any inaccuracies in the information that your employer has reported. You can now check that your employer has deducted the amount you have to pay, making sure your tax is correct.

"Unfortunately, there are also some unprofessional employers who for various reasons fail to report prepayment deductions unbeknown to their employees. Using this service, you will be able to quickly identify situations where this has occurred and contact your employer," says Assistant Director General Torstein Hoem of the Tax Administration.

The service gives you an overview of your income, prepayment deductions and employment which your employer has registered so far this year. If you have several employers, you will receive a summary of them all.

What do I do if I notice an error?

If you discover any errors, you must contact your employer. Only your employer or the person who submitted the information will be able to correct it. In this way, you can help both your employer and yourself make sure that the information is accurate.

You will find the "My income and employment" service at, under Forms and services.

"We believe in a transparent public administration. Through this service, we are giving all income recipients access to the information that their employer has reported about them and they will be able to check whether the information which has been registered about them is correct," says Torstein Hoem.

Employers will not have access to reports about you, and they will also not be able to see that their employees are using the service.

Facts: "My income and employment"

  • From 19 October, all employees, pensioners and others who receive a salary will be able to log in to Altinn and view the information that has been submitted about them.
  • The access service shows your employment circumstances and information concerning income and prepayment deductions.
  • If you notice any errors, ask your employer to correct it the following month. You will then not have to wait until you receive your tax return to discover the errors.
  • Every month, your employer will submit information about you to the Tax Administration, NAV and Statistics Norway through the a-melding. Every time your employer submits an a-melding, the service is updated, and you will receive fresh information. This information will be included in your tax return.
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