Guide to the a-melding published in new and improved version

The new version is web-based, which makes your searches easier.

The guide to a-meldingen consists of two parts:

The first part is a general guide, and the information applies to all channels for submitting the a-melding. This part describes what to report through the a-melding. It gives you an overview of the information needed to report employments and renumerations.

The second part guides you on how to report by direct registration of the a-melding (A01) in Altinn (submitting without a payroll system).

The guide is found on the Guidance and Help page.


Submitting on paper forms?
If you are still submitting on paper forms, please note that we have also published a new version of the guide to submitting on paper, along with four new or updated attachments to the form.

Go to Submitting the a-melding>Paper to read more.

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