Do you need to correct an a-melding?

Under FAQ > How do I correct an a-melding?, you will now find more information and more examples.

We cannot correct or delete a-meldings. You must make the necessary corrections yourself.

If you submitted the a-melding via your payroll system, there are a number of ways you can correct it. You can send a supplementary a-melding or in some cases you can cancel out an a-melding.

If you register the a-melding directly in Altinn, it will always be the most recent a-melding that applies. This also makes correction easier.

We strongly recommend that you stick to one reporting channel. If you submit the a-melding via your payroll system, you must also correct the a-melding from that system. Reporting via a number of channels leads to problems with reporting, interpretation of feedback and subsequent correction.

Remember to check the feedback each time you submit an a-melding. Via this feedback, you can see whether the a-melding has been received or whether it has been rejected because of an error. You will also find an overview of discrepancies which must be either corrected or checked. You will find this feedback in your inbox in Altinn (A03) or in your payroll system.

For more information, see FAQ > Questions about the feedback form.

You can also use the reconciliation report to check that unpaid prepayment deductions and employer's national insurance contributions are correct and to check reported employment circumstances. You can order the reconciliation report in Altinn under Forms and services, A06 – Order reconciliation information.

For more information, see FAQ > Overview of submitted information.

See also Guidance for payroll systems, section 1.4, Correcting submitted information. This also applies to those who report via a channel other than a payroll system.

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