Contents of the a-melding

All employments must be registered with the following information:

- National Identity number, D-number or international identifier
- EmploymentID (when an income recipient has several employments in the same company)
- Start date/ end date (if applicable)
- Occupational code please see SSB website
- Number of hours per week corresponding to full-time position
- Employment percentage/ last date for change in employment percentage
- Type of remuneration
- Working time arrangement
- Date of most recent salary change
- Please also refer to the guide to a-meldingen

The a-melding has replaced the following forms/ schemes:

1. Certificate of pay and tax deductions (RF-1015)
2. Annual statement of employer's National insurance contributions/ cover letter for CPTD (RF-1025)
3. Employer's payment record for National Insurance contributions and payroll withholding tax (RF-1037)
4. The NAV State Register of Employers and Employees (EE-register) (NAV 25-01.10)
5. Pay statistics statement (RA-0500)

Organisation and legal unit

The a-melding is sent from the legal unit (organisation) registered in the Register of Legal Entities.

When submitting the a-melding you must use the organisation number of the legal unit. If there are several enterprises within the same organisation, these will have separate business numbers. You have to specify business numbers for all the enterprises/sub units in the organisation that have income recipients or that are making payments. As long as an enterprise/sub unit has income recipients, you have to submit a status report on all the employments even if no salaries or payments have been made.

Income recipients and employments

Information on all employments must be submitted each month. Information on every income recipient in a given month must be declared, even though they have not received a salary/remuneration.

Income recipients’ leave of absence also has to be declared if it continues for 14 days or more. Both paid and unpaid leave of absence must be declared. Please see the guide to a-meldingen for more information on leave of absence.

The a-melding contains information about:

- Employment start and end date
- Leave of absence start and end date
- Information and status on employments and leave of absence are submitted every month

Each employment must provide information on occupation description codes, full time/part time position (100%, 80%, 50% etc.) and type of salary (fixed, hourly pay etc.). Information on salary payments are made after the payment in arrears principle, which means that information on all payments in a month must be submitted in the a-melding no later than the 5th of the following month. Please refer to the guide to a-meldingen for more information.

Salaries and other remunerations

You have to declare paid out salary, remunerations, deductions and tax deductions per employment each month so that the correct data is linked to each income recipient every month.


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